CVMM Team Records

CVMM Short Course Yards Individual Records.Updated October 19, 2021 CLICK HERE

2010-2019 Short Course Yards Relay Records updated June 5, 2019 Click Here

2010-2022 CVMM LCM Individual Records (updated 5/23/23)CLICK HERE!

 2010-2022 Long Course relay records (Updated june 30, 2023) Click Here

CVMM  SCM Individual  Team Records (Updated 5/30/23) CLICK HERE

CVMM  SCM Relay Team Records. Updated 6;/30/23)CLICK HERE

One Hour Swim results 2008-2011 More

Matt Biondi Swim Meet Records as of May 2023. Click Here. Final is in the process of being updated.