The CVMM  swimmers continue to rack up the medals at the 2014 US Masters  World Swimming Championships in Montreal!  

With over 5,000 swimmers from around the world CVMM athletes continue to take the podium.  Medals are awarded to the top ten swimmers in each event.  There are hundreds of participants in each age group in each event.  

CVMM relay Silver Medal in mixed 200 Free Relay and 4th in  mixed 200 Medley Relay with Mike Boosin, Chris Wall, Arlette Godges and Lisa Schoenneman.

Lots of personal best times, Top Ten in World rankings , Top Ten in the USA Rankings, new CVMM age group records all being achieved this week in Montreal!

Complete medal breakdown will be provided at end of this week long competition! CVMM athletes bring home over 30 medals at the World Championships.