"CVMM Triathletes Have Excellent Showing at Ironman Arizona 2011"

November 20, 2011 - Tempe, AZ

Congratulations to Nico Angell, Garrett Asanuma, Julie Heck, Lisa Inouye, Sacha Marcroft, Jordan Rapp and Carl Warren for participating in this year's Ironman Arizona on 11.20.2011. Ranging from first timers, to 9 time returning Ironman finishers, it was a great team weekend.  Excellent course conditions, weather and strong wills prevailed along the way to a few individual PRs, most notably Carl Warren's blistering sub-11 hour finish.

Congratulations to our other friends as well: Maris Jameson, Merrick Cohn, Norbert Hoehn, and Jay Lochead!

Thanks to all the CVMM supporters at home and those that came out to spectate and cheer on: Coach Jill, Adrienne,  Coach Dan, Coach Jason, Lesley, Tyler, Coach Andrew, Terry, Garrett's Parents for volunteering a run station, and Sacha's family.